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How To Be A More Confident Lover & Partner

How To Be A More Confident Lover & Partner

There is generally one question men tend to ask in different forms. How can I become more Confident with women? I have never found a set formula, and I don’t believe there is one. What I discovered is a method and path that worked for me. Through the process I have... read more
The Power Of Internal Truth

The Power Of Internal Truth

This week I had a revelation after having one session with my beautiful, intuitive and multi talented friend (You can read about her here). The revelation came in two parts. The power of choice The power of internal truth – aligning with my truth. Since our... read more
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Confident Lover Video Course


  • Dear Christina, Your videos are a life changer. When I first met my girlfriend she was so shy. I remembered what you said in the videos about being patient and creating a safe space for her. That was life changing for us. Not only is she able to trust me and open up to me now, she’s able to have multiple orgasms without holding back or being shy. Thank you so much for helping us. We are so open and connect on so many different levels now.
    Thomas, Portugal
  • Christina, It’s very hard for me to admit this, but at the age of 47 I couldn’t believe there was so much I didn’t know about a woman’s body. After talking to you I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and how behind I am in my knowledge.
    Alfred, Singapore
  • Ciao Christina, Where have you been all my life? My wife has never wanted so much sex. After 10 years she’s finally learning how to do her muscle exercise. She said she’s never had so much pleasure before. I wish I had met you earlier.
    Carlo, Italy
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